Hexplore It: Fall of the Ancients Campaign Book English

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Fall of the Ancients is the second campaign we wrote for the HEXplore It system.
This board game/novel hybrid offers a wondrous new way to experience the world of Greenflame Forests amid the return of the goddess Adrimon. Play through the Forests of Adrimon (Volume II) in a whole new way, driving the unfolding of a complex and epic story centered around your chosen heroes. Your heroes will be drawn into the story and their choices will determine how the story unfolds.

You will only experience a fraction of the content on each playthrough, meaning your games may unfold differently on each playthrough. You'll get epic gear, unique gear and stats only available in the campaign, and level up your heroes throughout the story. You'll find that the allies you find and the status and campaign items you get can affect the story in wildly different and unpredictable ways in the future.

Required: The Forests of Adrimon Core Box is required to play Fall of the Ancients.

Optional: If you are a collector and want to get the best out of Fall of the Ancients, we also recommend you the following optional items: Forests of Adrimon expansion, Living Deck Forests of Adrimon, Encounter Deck Forests of Adrimon, Hero Chest, Stat Cube (a sets per player)

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