Hexplore It: Return to the Sands of Shurax Expansion English

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Continue your adventure in the Wastelands of Shurax.

Much of the content in this box requires the Sands of Shurax Core Box.

Expand your hero library with all new roles, races and a new character expansion: traits.

Add dozens of cards to your decks in the main game, earn legendary gear, meet new allies, and battle multiple new bosses. Enter the Black Pyramid and play through HEXplore It's first dungeon.

With this expansion, players even get the option to become a villain. Go villain and work against the heroes, fulfill your own goals and acquire powerful rituals to wreak havoc on the world.

Will you save Shurax or destroy it?

Get 3 new roles and 8 new races
Gain 12 new traits to upgrade your heroes
Get 10 new Caravan Masters
Adds additional cards to each of your SoS decks
4 new fearsome bosses appear
Obtain legendary items and allies
Get all new items
Enter and explore the Black Pyramid
Play as Ravager against the heroes

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