Assault on Doomrock: Roquelike Expansion English Gamefound Edition + Exclusives

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Assault on Doomrock: Roquelike Expansion English Gamefound Edition + Exclusives

This new roguelike expansion allows heroes to complete achievements to boost game content in current and future playthroughs. At the start of a session, objectives are drawn that can be completed to earn the points depicted in the top corner of the card. Is it worth taking a detour on the way to Doomrock to reach any of these destinations? Why, surely! Nothing can go wrong there, right? Once earned, these points can be used to level up the game semi-permanently. This is comparable to a legacy mechanic, but completely reversible: leveled cards can be removed again at any time. When the heroes spend a power point, they choose which of the 3 types of decks to level up and draw 3 cards from the leveled up decks of the roguelike expansion. One of the 3 cards drawn is chosen, replacing the card of the same name already in the deck. The new cards are more powerful versions of their originals and bring minor benefits like improved stats or reduced attribute requirements. When leveling up the skill deck, the cards often have stronger effects or easier/improved dice results. The more objectives you complete, the more upgraded cards will be in the game decks. These upgraded cards will appear more frequently in the game, enticing you to purchase them from the SHOPS and level-ups.

This expansion provides additional choices and variety, making the game a little easier with each playthrough. The roguelike expansion includes at least 160 cards with at least 15 unique achievements and 145 enhanced item and ability cards.

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