ISS Vanguard Lost Fleet Expansion + Miniatures Gamefound English

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A box of stretch goals achieved during the ISS Vanguard crowdfunding. This box increases the replay value and variety of ISS Vanguard.

- new campaign (The Lost Fleet)
- new scenarios (Lone Wolf, Tartarus, Cryptobiosis, The Pilgrimage, Deeper Horizon)
- new characters
- new threats
- new alien dice
- new skills
- new skills
- new technologies
- new discoveries
- new projects
- new countries
- new modules
- Ship book upgrades
- Modular turrets
- 3D marker for the 1st player
- secret envelope (unlockable content for the campaign)

It's been fifty years since the Vanguard completed its mission.

Much of the Maker's star map has already been explored, leading to many discoveries and encounters with new life forms.

In the Outer Arm of our galaxy, however, there is a large cluster of coordinates that have not yet been visited.

The ISS Dauntless and ISS Valiant will be deployed there together to assist one another in a massive multi-decade exploration and colonization effort. Shortly after reaching their destination, both ships disappear, and their quantum entanglement uplinks back on Earth go dark in quick succession.

The third ship, the ISS Starchild, is recalled from Idemian space, outfitted for any eventuality, and sent on a rescue mission. But she also disappears.

This investigation will expose the crew of the Vanguard to one final secret of the builders...

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