Limbo Eternal War 1.5 Starter Set + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Limbo: Eternal War is a miniature skirmish game set in the dark fantasy world of Avalon.
Strategically choose your army, upgrades, powers and stats that will help you create a powerful fighting force that will turn the tide of the Eternal War.

Initiative is an important part of gameplay in Limbo: Eternal War. Bid or bluff your Destiny Crystals, but choose carefully. The amount you bid can get you the first move, but the enemy can get all the fate you sacrificed to get it.

Configure your Fate decks with cards that allow your army to perform extraordinary actions, from eliminating the Crystals of Fate to making powerful moves that will shake the land itself.

Position your units to perform devastating combos and unique triggers that are different for each unit.

Enjoy customization in army creation, destiny deck creation, and objectives as you fight the many battles of the Eternal War.

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