Limbo Eternal War 1.5 Saga of Noadin Expansion KS Exclusive English

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Fight alongside the powerful Noadin who come from the north to resist the Demontide. The expansion introduces you to a whole host of new heroes, including Lord Yasa, who controls a giant ice golem. Watch as you tell countless stories in the Saga of Noadin.

The Saga of Noadin is a brand new army that introduces a new board game map, as well as new models, cards, and rules for its boards to use in the base game. You need a core game to use this addon.

1 Lord Miniature
5 hero miniatures
22 troop miniatures
1 Lord Unit Card
5 Hero Unit Cards
6 Troop Unit Cards
4 Lord Skill Card
10 Fate Cards
5 upgrade cards

Description from the publisher.

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