Monster Hunter World: Kushala Daora Expansion + Stretch Goals + KS Exclusives English

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Brave the raging winds with this gameplay expansion for the Elder Dragon, the largest monster in the game.

Kushala Daora is an Elder Dragon that shields itself with fierce winds, preventing anyone from approaching. Its skin - hard, metallic scales - can withstand all but the strongest weapons.

All seems calm... until you realize you're in the eye of the storm. With a height of 255mm and a wingspan of 310mm, Kushala Daora is the largest monster in Monster Hunter World: The Board Game.

The Kushala Daora Elder Dragon expansion comes with:

🟢New campaign quests
🟢New arena quests for one-shot battles
🟢New Choose Your Own Adventure
🟢New 5-star bosses to defeat
🟢Every craftable Kushala Daora weapon type from the video game.

That means new weapons for 8 of the 14 hunters, PLUS the Kushala Daora armor!

A challenge only for the bravest hunters. Elder Dragons are mega-bosses that bring a whole new level of difficulty and crafting to your game, expanding your campaigns and changing the way you approach core set monsters, opening up your world to different paths to success.

- Description from the publisher -

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