Mythic Battle Pantheon 1.5 Rise of the Titans Expansion + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Kickstarter Edition of Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5: Rise of The Titans. Contains 1 Kronos miniature, plus dashboard, stat clip and activation cards. 1 Gaia miniature, plus dashboard, stat clip, root tokens and activation cards. 1 Enceladus miniature (Kickstarter Exclusive), plus dashboard, stat clip, and activation cards. 1 Typhon miniature, plus dashboard, stat clip, tornado token and activation cards. 1 mini-campaign with 5 scenarios. Please note: unless otherwise stated, paid add-ons from the Kickstarter campaign are not included.

You are here! Four of the largest models you've ever seen on a board, all in one box!

All four of these powerful characters are classified as Titans in the game, although as some of you know, they are not always viewed as Titans in the background. Regardless of their technical classification, they are larger and more powerful than gods on the battlefield!

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