Mythic Battle Ragnarök Ragnar Saga Expansion + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Introduces 5 new heroes ((Ragnar, Aslaug, Ivar, Bjorn, Eysteinn Beli)) and also adds two Jarls: Thora, which allows a troop to gain the Guardian talent, and Sigurd, "Serpent's Eye", which forbids enemies to retaliate against the attacks of the troop it is attached to.

Ragnar Saga comes with two scenarios: "Blood Eagle", in which Ragnar, Aslaug and their sons will try to prevent the sacrifice planned by Eysteinn Beli, which Aslaug believes will bring the worst for the kingdom; and "Holmgang", in which, after the death of their father, the differences between Björn and Ivar become so great that they eventually cross swords. But their armies don't respect the duel, and they too join the fray, fueled by malevolent magic that only wants to spill more blood. These two scenarios are played without gods, with armies led by their heroes.

- 5 hero miniatures
- 5 hero boards
- 22 different maps
- 1 A5 scenario booklet

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