Nanolith Hero Deluxe Pledge + Stretch Goals + KS Exclusive English

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Nanolith is a cyberpunk dungeon crawler with strong RPG elements. The game is played in two books (the Encounter Book and the Story Book) that present players with the fatalistic story of the four main characters and their quest to recover their lost memories. In the Encounter Book, artwork, scenario maps, and comics tell the progressive story of a human civilization teetering on the brink of extinction.
Scenario outcomes, items players receive during encounters, and player choices link to passages of text in the storybook that advance the surprising and creative novel set in the world of Nanolith. Depending on the decisions of the players and the outcome of the scenarios, the narrative paths of the story vary greatly.

The mechanics used to bring each character's unique abilities to life offer a deep tactical, cooperative experience. By using five six-sided activation dice, players can activate movement, item activation, and special abilities. But don't be afraid of the bad luck of rolling a handful of dice! The clever debuff mechanic, where the value of the rolled dice is manipulated by aggro, guarantees that you can activate your most powerful abilities when you really need them. But every power has its price. The more you try your luck, the harder your character can fall. If you overuse the nanomachines your body produces, you will eventually overload and unleash the power of the nanolith inscribed in your DNA. You then get a Nanoshock and can use a powerful character-specific Nanoshock ability once for free. But the more you do this, the closer you bring your precious character to the cusp between life and death. So choose your weapons wisely.

Above all, Nanolith is an adventure game and a storyteller. The world in which this game takes place is different from any other sci-fi worlds you have visited so far. The player's choices have a major impact on the story, and the prose written for this game is much more than mere embellishment. It's a cyberpunk novel where your characters are the main characters. Your decisions will seal the fate of Neo Eden. So don't hesitate any longer. The Nanolith is waiting for you!

-Description from the publisher

core game
deluxe box
Stretch Goals Core + Deluxe
Deluxe Box Exclusives:
Hero Miniatures + Arena Mode + Acrylic Player Boards

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