Purple Haze: Endgame Expansion English Kickstarter Edition

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You are all alone, deep in enemy territory, miles from any friends. The jungle around you offers you perfect protection for your movements, but it also prevents you from being able to call for a quick evacuation if something happens to you. One mistake - and you're gone!

Lead a small but heavily armed naval team on a daring stingray patrol, searching for enemy units and eliminating them with extreme caution. Will you be careful and try to weave your way through the jungle to find the best moment to attack the unsuspecting enemy, or will you go hard and fast and hope your artillery will do most of the work for you?

The Endgame expansion offers you a new mini-campaign with 3 missions that you can play separately or right after completing the Purple Haze campaign. It also adds new cards, tiles, and maps, and changes the basic mechanics of combat and movement.

List of components (work in progress, content subject to change):

- 3 scenarios
- 3 cards
- 5 VC cards
- 3 marine cards
- 7 encounter cards
- 3 weapon cards
- 3 specialization cards
- 8 search cards
- 5 tactic cards
- 3 lucky charm cards
- 25 characters
- 1 rule book
- 1 scenario book (approx. 40 pages)
- 1 notepad
- 4 player aids

Note: This is not a standalone game. It requires the Purple Haze core game to play.

-Description from the publisher

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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