Purple Haze: Base game + 2 expansions + Stretchgoals German Kickstarter Edition

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Includes the base game, Tunnel Rats and Born to Kill expansions, the exclusive Gamefound Marine Squad miniature and all unlocked bonuses.

You look at the wreckage of the Huey and are glad you survived the crash. He was hit somewhere over the jungle. You lost the pilot. The gunner just fell out. He is gone. On the way down you caught a glimpse of the other Huey. You think he was hit too, but you're not sure. You look around at your squad - wild-eyed Marines just out of boot camp - and sigh heavily. You must act quickly. The Vietcong will come...

Purple Haze is an immersive campaign game for 1 to 4 players that puts you in the heart of darkness: Vietnam, 1967. You lead a squad of US Marines through the dense jungle, flooded rice fields and thatched villages of a war-torn country. Heartbreaking decisions will determine the fate of you and your mission, and will determine if you have what it takes to survive.

It's part story-making game, part tactical combat game, and part campaign game. Your choices determine the story. Your tactics decide the outcome of firefights to the death. Your men will suffer. Some won't make it home. Those who make it will become wiser and tougher. The goal: complete the mission and come out alive.

-Description from the publisher

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