SAS Rogue Regiment Black Box KS exclusive All In English Kickstarter Edition

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Turn up the heat with the legendary Special Air Service operators!

SAS: Rogue Regiment is a WW2 stealth action game for 1-4 players. In the crucial weeks after D-Day, players take on the role of SAS soldiers and must carry out acts of sabotage deep behind enemy lines.

Ambush convoys, assassinate high-ranking officers, destroy ammunition dumps and more in your four-man campaign against the Axis war machine!

Strike from the shadows!
Take out enemy patrols and guards using a variety of tools at your disposal: guns, explosives, grenades, vehicles, traps and your trusty combat knife.

Leave no trace!
Move quickly and unobtrusively to achieve your goals. Kill silently and hide the bodies to avoid being discovered. If you are spotted, make too much noise, or take too long to reach your objective, the enemy will sound the alarm. Your vastly outnumbered team won't last long in a firefight, so make sure you're in position when the charge comes to make four men feel like a hundred!

Each turn, each SAS operator has 4 action points that they can use to move, shoot, and perform tasks. During the "Stealth Phase" of the game, the opponent's movement is determined by patrol lines, sentries, and an event card that is drawn each turn. Each mission has a stealth gauge that slowly fills up whenever players become suspicious (firing weapons, leaving corpses in the open, etc.). When the camo gauge fills up completely, players will be spotted and the alarm will sound, triggering the "Combat Phase". The goal of the game is to complete the mission objective and get out of the area unharmed. The easiest way to achieve this is to remain undetected for as long as possible.

-Description from the publisher

Black Ops Special Edition Box:

- SAS Rogue Regiment
- They Who Dare KSE Expansion
- Heavy Metal Expansion Pack
- Jaeger Expansion Pack
- KSE ATP Watch Timer
- KSE SAS Rogue Regiment Dice Tower
- French Translation Pack (pdf)
- Stretch Goals

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