Senjutsu: Battle for Japan All In English Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals + Kickstarter Exclusives + Ink-drop

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Senjutsu: Battle for Japan All In English Kickstarter Edition with all Stretchgoals and Kickstarter Exclusives

An exciting, fast-playing samurai dueling game with beautiful miniatures, deep deck-building mechanics, and memorable showdowns.

The Path Of The Ronin Solo Narrative Campaign is a beautiful campaign book - a mix of graphic novel and narrative from the perspective of a samurai living in this era. As they wander through the turbulent land, they will be tested and must fight for survival. The results of your efforts will shape the story and alter your samurai's abilities throughout the game.

Each miniature add-on double pack contains at least 2 miniatures and 108 cards, including signature and basic ability cards, new kamae tree and weapon core cards, and solo AI cards to create different solo enemies.

Premade or custom decks? The choice is yours.

Using Senjutsu's streamlined deck-building mechanics, you can easily create a unique ability card deck with devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely meditations, and dynamic special moves.

If you prefer to skip deck building, there are a number of pre-built Ability Card Decks for your chosen Samurai that will get you straight into Senjutsu's intense, fierce combat system!

The ability cards are varied and can be sorted into jade, gold, steel and wood.

Core ability cards are available to every samurai, but the powerful, unique signature ability cards are samurai-specific and allow each fighter's deck to be built for a completely different experience - even from duel to duel!

The Kamae Tree and Kame Ring system provide your samurai with a tactical way to gain bonuses from ability cards. If you are in a certain kamae when the cards are revealed, the effects of the ability cards will be enhanced or the way you play the card will be improved.

The Kamae system fits seamlessly into your skill deck's tactics, allowing for powerful combos and fun, themed decks to be played.

Gameplay is simple and fast. Simply choose an ability card from your hand and play it face down. Reveal this ability card at the same time as your opponent's, with the highest Initiative stat acting first.

But Senjutsu doesn't just reward the fastest card! Acting last opens up tactical opportunities for clever moves and devastating attacks!


Senjutsu Core Set
Senjutsu Deluxe Components
The Ghost In The Night Add On
The Shadow Under The Steel Add On
The Gathering Storm Add On
When Two Worlds Collide Add-On
The Wolf At The Door Add On
Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojiro Add-On
The Winds Of Change: Solo Narrative Campaign #2
Sleeve Packs (360 each)
Quad-fold XL 'Daimyo's Castle' board
Limited Edition Senjutsu Big Box
all miniatures with ink drop

-Description from the publisher

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