Set A Watch Forsaken Isles Expansion English Kickstarter Edition + Stretch goals + Exclusives

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Forsaken Isles is a standalone expansion that offers the same critically acclaimed gameplay with new doom mechanics and a new "short game" mode.

Forsaken Isles introduces brand new locations, creatures, items, and at least 4 new adventurer classes, each with their own unique dice, abilities, and mechanics. All adventurers, creatures, items and locations from all other Set a Watch games are fully compatible with this new standalone expansion and can be mixed and matched for more variety in the game.

The Adventurers of Forsaken Isles are a band of misfits assembled by the Queen Regent and sent to sea to hunt down the ominous menace. Each round, our adventurers will sail to new nautical locations and face a brand new creature deck themed around impending doom.

Forsaken Isles introduces a new camp board that features a new camp action and a place to track the new destiny mechanic. Many of the new cards in this set increase doom. Whenever damnation exceeds 3, an unholy is summoned to the end of the line, the top card of the creature deck is added to the horde, and then damnation resets. Each new Summon Fate card gives players the ability to affect this mechanic, allowing them to choose between winning Doom or exhausting a card. Bad things are brewing, but at least you can choose what to expect on the sea!

There is also a new "Get Information" action on the "Equip" slot. With this action you can put an unplayable illegal card on the bottom of the illegal pile. This helps prevent losing the game when you run out of unwanted in your deck and is essential for the Doomed Run campaign.

Last but not least, Forsaken Isles has a new mode called "Hunting the Kraken" that only has 5 rounds (instead of 9) against a powerful Kraken boss. In this mode, you swap out the "Forbidden" deck for a pre-made deck with Kraken cards and a specific destination. The forbidden deck is tiered in such a way that it gets progressively more difficult as you progress towards the den of the beast! This mode effectively cuts game time in half, making it a great way to enjoy Set a Watch when you're pressed for time, or as a warm-up for an RPG session.

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Magnetic Box w/foldout camp board
Stretch goals

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