Shadows of Brimstone: Crimson Hand Dark Acolytes Enemy Pack English Edition

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Shadows of Brimstone: Crimson Hand Dark Acolytes Enemy Pack English Edition

The Order of the Crimson Hand has a long and rich history of searching for ancient relics and sinister offerings in order to unlock forbidden lore and the power of dark gods. These acolytes of occult knowledge have dedicated their souls to unlocking the mysteries of this twisted and dark magic. With scrolls inscribed in corrupted blood and rune amulets imbued with chaotic potential, the dark acolytes of the Crimson Hand erect wicked altars and perform corrupted rituals aimed at summoning demonic creatures and using that raw power for their own to unleash nefarious targets.

The Dark Acolytes bring another facet of the sinister order of the Carmelite Hand into play. These acolytes are tasked with preparing the order's occult rituals and dark altars. Imbued with forbidden knowledge, they use scrolls and amulets to gain rune protection and cast spells on heroes. Arcane Magic is a new spell deck that allows the Dark Acolytes to summon demons or the undead to battle, hurl bolts of arcane energy, or even allow one of them to ignite their hand with a crimson fire to create a burning image of the old master of the order, Shi-Hai Da'kal. While not as strong as their more numerous cultist brethren, the Dark Acolytes are just as zealous, using arcane lore and forbidden knowledge to attack the heroes.

6x enemies, maps, rules and mission

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