Shadows of Brimstone: Serpent King on Kitarr`i Beast XXL Enemy English Edition

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Shadows of Brimstone: Rivals: Conquistador and Viking Card Set English Edition

The Serpent Kings rule the temples of the Sacred Valley and lead their armies to war atop the giant flying Kitarr'i beast. The Serpent King atop the Kitarr'i Beast is perhaps the most epic creature miniature in Shadows of Brimstone yet. This monstrous winged beast boasts an immense wingspan. With its powerful flapping wings and long, razor-toothed jaws, the Kitarr'i beast can bite through even the toughest heroes that get too close. This deadly mount is ridden by the mighty Serpent King, coiled around his horned saddle and commanding the vast armies of his tribe's Serpentmen. Wielding ancient tribal relics, the Serpent King signals battle formations from above while crushing the tribe's enemies with each swing of his brutal darkstone sword.

Includes 1 XXL enemy, maps, rules and mission.

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