Shadows of Brimstone: Setaris Ravagers Enemy Pack English Edition

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This box contains Social Media Stretch Goal: The Setaris Ravagers Enemy Set.

The Setaris Ravagers are a savage band of sinister aliens who descend from the skies on their leathery wings and charge at anyone who dares to stand in their way of their conquest! Originally introduced in the Conquest of Planet Earth board game (similar to their rivals, the Trun), the Setaris Kitewings are a band of raiders who travel from world to world, attacking without warning in search of raw materials and "food" for their nomadic fleet of Kraken ships to collect.

The Setaris Raiders can be found in several other worlds (Targa, Jargono, Damn Desert, Abandoned Ship, Trederra and others). They have vicious claws and powerful energy weapons that they use to blast heroes with their hit-and-run attacks.

Includes 6 Setaris Ravager enemies, maps and rules.

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