Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla Core Game English Edition

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Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla Core Game English Edition

In Gates of Valhalla, players take on the role of a group of Norse Vikings exploring the icy cliffs and snowy forests of the Nordic lands, teeming with snarling beasts and mythological creatures empowered by the power of the Dark Stone.

As a team of Viking heroes, you can play as the steadfast Jarl Chieftan, who leads his kin from the vanguard of the pack, the classic hunter, armed with shield and axe, who plunders and pillages, the crazed berserker, who leads his bloodthirsty age in a whirlpool of... Death unleashed, or the Housecarl Honor Guard firing their Viking bows before bravely charging into battle.

New enemies include Trolls, bestial creatures who regenerate even the heaviest wounds while hurling large rocks and tearing heroes apart with brutal claws, Gremians, a horde of mischievous little goblins who swarm heroes to slash and hack, to claw and bite, centurions, robotic soldiers armed with power swords and shields to ward off invaders, and the fearsome Frost Giant, a massive beast that crushes heroes with its log club before charging across the battlefield in a seething frenzy!

This set also includes brand new material for the Targa Plateau Otherworld (first introduced in the City of the Ancients Core Set), an ancient alien city that has been frozen and deserted for millennia, save for the robotic constructs that awaken around the icy halls To defend. The heroes explore a new region of Targa - the Library - with new map tiles, encounters, artifacts, world abilities and enemies to fight, allowing you to explore the frozen city for the first time or expand your existing collection.

Contains everything you need to play as a group of Viking heroes and explore the alien library on the Targa Plateau or go on adventures in the Nordic lands on Earth. Includes 4 Viking Heroes, 12 G-Roman miniatures, 6 Centurion miniatures, 3 Large Troll miniatures, 1 Ice Giant XL miniature, 3 Viking Warrior Allied miniatures and 3 Targa Library miniatures with sockets; plus dice, map tiles, cards, rule book and reference sheets.

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