Shadows of Brimstone: Valley of the Serpent King Core Game English Edition

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Shadows of Brimstone: Valley of the Serpent King Core Game English Edition

In the Valley of the Serpent Kings adventure set, players take on the role of a group of Spanish conquistadors exploring the dark halls and stone ramparts of a Spanish fort that has fallen into darkness and been overrun by demons and creatures.

As a team of conquistador heroes, you can play as the fearless El Capitan who leads his men with boundless ambition, the classic explorer who leads the expedition through the jungle swamps, the armored soldier armed with a heavy crossbow to impale all enemies , except for the toughest, or the swift and deadly duelist who fencing with two blades, blurring the line between dance and death.

New enemies include the Drowned Dead, lost explorers who rise from the watery depths to exact revenge on the living, the Serpentmen's archers, who keep their distance and unleash a deadly volley of Dark Stone arrows at heroes who die Temple Guard, a new breed of brutal Serpentmen who defend the Serpent Kings' temples with ferocious ferocity, and the mighty Croxin Beast, a massive reptilian creature unleashed by the Serpentmen as a War Beast!

This set also includes brand new materials for the Swamps of Jargono OtherWorld (first introduced in the Swamps of Death core set), a murky jungle swamp filled with giant insects, carnivorous plants, and vicious serpentmen.

The heroes explore a new region of Jargono - the Valley of the Serpent Kings - with new map tiles, encounters, artifacts, world abilities and enemies to fight, allowing you to explore the swamps for the first time or expand your existing collection.

Contains everything you need to play as a party of Conquistador Heroes and explore the Valley of the Serpent Kings in Jargono or adventure in the Spanish fortresses on Earth: 4 Conquistador Heroes, 6 Drowned Dead Miniatures, 6 Miniatures the Contortionist Archer, 3 large Temple Guard miniatures, 1 Croxin Beast XL miniature, 3 Conquistador Infantry Ally miniatures and 6 carnivorous plant miniatures with sockets; plus dice, map tiles, cards, rule book and reference sheets.

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