Stonesaga Core Box + Expansions English Kickstarter Edition + Stretch goals + Exclusives

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Stonesaga is a cooperative, campaign-style, survival-crafting board game set in a unique, persistent world shaped by your choices. It was developed by Max Brooke (Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition, Legend of the Five Rings RPG) together with Luke Eddy (Star Wars: Legion).

Cross-generational storytelling
In Stonesaga, you will unfold the epoch-spanning history of the people of a remote glacial valley, guiding multiple generations of characters as they build their lives amid harsh conditions, wondrous secrets, and colossal monsters.

Each game session covers a generation of people within a society, continuing the story of the last and permanently changing the valley in various ways based on in-game events and player choices.

cooperative survival
Stonesaga follows a certain rhythm: faced with a new opportunity or crisis, the people of the valley must meet the new needs of their society. Meanwhile, the other denizens of the valley - immortal beasts - will attempt to meet their own needs as their instincts dictate. You must overcome both types of challenges using strength, dexterity, conviction and awareness to survive as a tribe in the wilderness.

Crafting & building
Stonesaga introduces an entirely new discovery-based crafting mechanic. Do you think you can make a spear out of a polished stone and a stick? Use the crafting promotion and find out. You must discover the properties of various crafting materials while expanding your knowledge of crafting recipes.

Work together as a community to build your village together. From a simple fireplace and tent to a forge and library, create a civilization that will last for generations.

Exploration & Discovery
Stonesaga rewards exploration and lets you experience the world in a unique way in each game session. You work with the established rules of the world and discover unique materials, monsters and areas of the world that are not pointed out to you. Stonesaga makes the curious and inquisitive blossom.

Stonesaga is designed to be played by a group from start to finish, to be played with a rotating cast, or even to be passed seamlessly between groups. The components are sometimes permanently altered, but never entirely removed or discarded.

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core game
Stretch goals
Meals & Myths Expansion
Nature of the Beast Expansion

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