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Tanares Adventures is a massive expansion for Arena: the Contest. Featuring more than 40 miniatures and 70 different villain types, it expands the cooperative campaign content to over 100 hours of unique gameplay and adds a new combat role to multiply the possibilities in PvP and co-op battles.

The PvP game modes (capture the orb, tournament, team competition) are enriched by the additional commanders and their respective companions. With a second miniature on the board, this new combat role (8 in total) brings interesting and varied strategic and tactical innovations as well as synergies for team building.

The game's co-op/campaign mode now unfolds in a semi-open world where players can consult an adventure map and decide where to go next, rather than being linearly guided by the story.

The campaign runs in cycles, each consisting of three phases: city phase, travel phase and adventure phase.

In the city phase, players have the opportunity to purchase items, rest, and develop side quests that focus on city structures (which can be upgraded), relics (rewards obtained by completing a quest, and which initiate optional puzzle-based story arcs ) and others relate.

In the Journey phase, players will read a prelude related to the region they intend to visit in the context of the general story and prepare for the quest by studying what might be in store for them (this will vary depending on the quest). unlocked story facts), assigning tasks to assets (helpful NPCs who join the team throughout the story), equipping items, and more.

Finally, in the quest phase, the game board is assembled and you can face dozens of different villains. The atmosphere of dungeon crawling and replayability is enhanced by random encounters, secret rooms with previously unknown content, events and interactions that require difficult decisions during the mission, and much more.

All your decisions matter and have a significant impact on the gameplay of the quests, even altering the circumstances of the multi-part, epic final mission and determining the boss (or bosses) you face in an exciting, multi-ending campaign.

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