The Curse of Candelabria Kickstarter Edition + Expansions + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusives

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The Curse of Candelabria is a 3-5 player majority/area control and dudes-on-the-map Eurogame with a strong focus on setting. In the game, each player controls a noble house of living candles and competes for territory on the game board to earn points at the end of each of the three eras the game is divided into.

During their turn, players create new living candles and assemble their layered miniatures, place tea lights on the game board, melt the placed candles and activate their abilities, move, and upgrade the house's castle. At the end of each epoch there is a combat phase in which the conflicts and majorities are decided and the players receive points. The goal of the game is to get more points than the others and become the new king of Candelabria.

- Description of the publisher -

- base game
- 6th player expansion
- Solo mode expansion
- stretch goals
- KS Exclusives

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