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September 1939: The commander of the Admiral Graf Spee receives the order to sink as many British cargo ships as possible in the South Atlantic. The aim is to intercept the ships as they cross the Atlantic and prevent supplies from reaching the UK and other destinations.

The plan seems to be working for the first few months. Within a few weeks, the Admiral Graf Spee sinks nine cargo ships and sends almost 50,000 gross register tons to the seabed. The gigantic loss puts the army command in London Whitehall under pressure. In order to protect their freighters as best as possible, the Admiralty had no choice but to reinforce the English fleet in the South Atlantic and send three cruisers into the so-called "Battle of the River Plate".

The Hunt is an asymmetric duel where one player takes command of the British Royal Navy while the other player represents the German Kriegsmarine. Each player has their own deck of cards. To win, the German side must remain hidden from the British and sink five cargo ships. The British player must track down and fight Admiral Graf Spee in a final naval battle. In this case, the side that ended up taking less damage wins.

Will the Royal Navy succeed in exploiting its numerical superiority, or will the Kriegsmarine use its cunning and ingenious strategy to overthrow its rival?

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