The Stifling Dark + Nightfall Expansion + Stretch Goals+ KS Exclusives English

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The Stifling Dark is a 2-5 player horror board game featuring an innovative line-of-sight mechanic, pitting you against multiple players. One player takes on the role of the opponent whose goal is to prevent the other players (the investigators) from escaping through a variety of unique actions. As an investigator, your only goal is to survive and escape.

Investigators move from point to point on the board at their base speed. They can sprint to move faster, but need to keep an eye on their stamina to avoid getting too exhausted. Investigators can also pick up and use items, lock and unlock doors, or use their flashlights to locate the enemy. Meanwhile, the opponent secretly moves around the game board, trying to prevent the investigators from escaping. There are a variety of investigators to choose from, each with their own special abilities. The opponent also has several attacks and abilities that change the course of the game.

Do you fix the car and drive out, or do you override the gate and try to sneak out? Investigators must decide whether to stay together to watch each other's backs, or split up and run for the exit. In any case, they must act quickly - the longer the game lasts, the more chances the opponent has of stopping them!

The game ends when either all investigators have escaped (meaning the investigators have won) or the opponent has met their victory condition (which is different for each opponent).

-Description from the publisher

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