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Warcrow Adventures is a 4 player fantasy co-op dungeon crawler. As the game progresses, you become the protagonist of a unique tactical and narrative story. Join your teammates and venture to Hawthorn Point to complete the challenges there.

This game combines tactical, action-packed play with a strong focus on narrative. Throughout the game you will interact with other characters, learn their stories, talk to NPCs... and explore different scenarios, fight a variety of enemies and take part in the development of the story.

Following the events of Warcrow Adventures' main campaign, an island near Hawthorn Point is freed from the fog. The residents of the coastal town decide to approach it to collect possible resources. But to their surprise, when they arrive, they encounter creatures no one has ever seen before. The explorers of Hawthorn Point named these creatures "Red Caps" in reference to the red color of their heads. Since the presence of these monsters makes resource gathering difficult, our beloved adventurers are asked to rid the island of these pesky creatures.

The surprise comes when, while exploring the island, they discover some ancient constructions inside the slopes of the volcano that dominates this piece of land. These buildings hide many secrets to be discovered.

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