XIA: Missions and Powers Expansion English Kickstarter

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XIA: Missions and Powers Expansion English Kickstarter

Xia: Missiones and Powers is a brand new mini-expansion for Xia: Legends of a Drift System. If you already own Xia and Embers, this is for you!

It contains 54 cards:
1 control card
21 new ship ability cards
32 new mission cards, 8 each: transport, water, help and BOOM!

New Ship Abilities!
21 new ability cards, one for each existing player ship. Now players have a choice every time they purchase a ship. The new abilities are balanced with the existing abilities, but offer greater reliability and can be used multiple times per turn.

New Missions!
Transport: In this type of mission you will receive a load and an order to transport it. It's up to you to decide what to do with the goods: keep the cargo, trade it or sell it! However, if you break your contract, you will become a wanted captain with a bounty on his head!
Money Laundering: Fake loans can be a good way for a corrupt pilot to get ahead in the universe. You will need the help of another captain to complete the transaction. Hopefully the other captain decides to help you launder the money, but watch out, he might as well call the cops!

Aid: Every ship needs help from the Starside from time to time. Working as a hauler isn't glamorous, but it can help pay the bills!
BOOM! It takes a special kind of captain to load a bomb onto your ship. You'll be given a target, but no one will stop you from detonating your ammo whenever you see fit! If you survive the aftermath, you could get a decent hazard pay!

All in all, this mini-expansion offers Xia players many new opportunities for ship powers and more interactive missions!

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