XIA: Sellsword Mk II Expansion English Kickstarter

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XIA: Sellsword Mk II Expansion English Kickstarter

The Sellsword Mk II is a micro-expansion for Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

It contains a miniature that can be used as either a Sellsword NPC (a hired mercenary you can pay to attack other ships, but other players can pay even more to trick you!) or as an additional Tier 2 ship can be used, which has a unique ability, the RK-5 Blaster.

This edition includes the NPC: Sellsword Mk II.
This ship is mechanically the same as the original Kickstarter-exclusive Sellsword, but with a new paint job, name, and tagline.

Each Sellsword Mk II Pledge Tier comes with a Player Ship Mat - so you can choose to use the Sellsword as an NPC or as a player ship!

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